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These streams are our answer to presenting local artists and advocates in a safe and ethical way! This system allows you, the audience and supporters, to decide where your money goes. Once a drive hits the $100 minimum, we will start planning the stream. The money raised for each stream is used as the payment for the artists. This way no artist goes unpaid and the payment is fair.

All performances will be streamed on our Facebook, YouTube, and twitch.tv/outrspaces. Additionally, this stream is a live recording session. With the artists consent, stream recordings will be posted to our YouTube. So grab some popcorn, a drink, and pull up the stream on your favorite device. We highly encourage you to join the chat and plug in some speakers for optimal fun! This connects you to the community more and gives you some good socializing as we continue to social distance.

Are you an artist who would love to stream an event here at OutrSpaces?

We want to share your voice and ideas! Contact us or fill out with this form to get your stream drive started. Any artist can start their own fundraiser. There is no fee to get your stream going, we just ask you work hard to get support into your fundraiser to raise your payment and help us fund more artists and advocates like you!

We want to stress that this is not a pay to play situation. The majority of the money raised is your payment. We want this to resemble the best features of the traditional booking environment as close as possible. If you’d like to have one other artist join your stream as an opener, we welcome and encourage this. Shared bills are a great way to use your audience and platform to help introduce new artists to the community!

Plan your stream!

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Disclaimer: All donations are non-refundable. If you have trouble recieving your donation reciept for tax purposes, please reach out to OutrSpaces management.


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